what a funny pet


hi peoples!

look at this!

what a funny pet for a little girl,
i bet it is not even allowed in the house.

mama thinks i eat a lot but i am sure this guy eats tons more than me
wonder what kind of litter they use?

i think this little girl needs a cat.


after you go see the Awww…Monday cuties

go vote

click on the picture and vote you can vote everyday

click on the picture and vote
you can vote everyday

oops! mama would be very upset wiyh me if i didn’t say please so….PLEASE VOTE!


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  1. There is a special friend for everyone Teddy, you have your wonderful mama, and this giant elephant has the little girl. Did you know that he will remember her always, long after she has grown up? Elephants never forget! You are blessed, Teddy, to have a mama that will never stop loving you! Don’t worry if you eat a lot, if she is like me, your food goes in the grocery cart before she buys her own! 🙂

    • elephants never forget…i must remember that if i ever talk to an elephant! i know my mama loves me but she still won’t let me play bities with her. i have never been to a grocery store so i don’t know how my mama shops but i do know i am never without food or treats..

your comments are like treats. I love treats!

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