flowers on friday


hi peoples!

mama likes flowers.
she has silk flowers because she if she bought fresh flowers all the time
she wouldn’t have enough money to buy me my favorite food and treats.
i am all for silk flowers.


these are some new ones.
i don’t understand why the flowers are clear and i am blurry.
mama is not much of a photographer.

flowersthis what she did with the flowers i am not allowed to play with.
what a waste of perfectly good silk flowers.

now that you have read my post go see what other
Feline Friday
cats are doing.


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click on the picture and vote
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  1. Hi Teddy! Isn’t it awful when someone plunks your playthings in a ‘no-no’ area! Mind you, my own cat’s was forever scratching up my seeds but now I’ve got window boxes! You beautiful cat’s do charm the best of us!!

  2. My furkids think that helping to “arrange” silk flowers is the most fun thing ever, Teddy, it looks like you were helping your mama too! I think you have amazing willpower if you are able to leave that pretty pot of flowers alone now that they are all done! Your furfriends here at my house would be “disarranging” them just as soon as I walked out of the room. One pretty centerpiece I had on my kitchen bar had lots of green ivy leaves… I found them all over the house. Hide the leaf seemed to be their favorite nighttime game! You are an angel for leaving mama’s flowers alone for her to enjoy, Teddy!

  3. Hi Teddie, Mollie here. I love silk flowers. I eat them. Yup! My mom says that is bad but it’s so fun. If you chew it right you can get bits all over the place. I love to decorate!

    • oh yeah, Mollie. there is, i mean was, a basket of flowers that were the best to shred. i haven’t seen that basket in a while but sometimes i find a bit of a flower from it. i bet you are good decorator!

  4. So you like flowers too, Teddy? I wondered about this, because our cat named Apple keeps pulling the silk flowers out of the pot they are in. I guess in a way it makes them look more real .. .like they have faded and fallen on the ground. 🙂

  5. Well, Teddy, I think you are blurry because you wouldn’t hold still and say “Cheese!” I don’t think it has anything to do with your mama’s skill as a photographer!
    Those are beautiful flowers, I’m glad you appreciate them!

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