m’deer and me on Feline Friday


hi peoples

i have a basket of toys


theres lots of things in it.
you can’t see my colorful fuzzy balls cause i hide them from mama.
it drives her crazy cranky.
its a really fun game.
you can see my soccer ball. it’s fun 2 but hard 2 get outta the basket.
and theres my feather and sock and paperbag and fishy and strawberry.
sometimes mama puts nip in the sock meowzer thats a good time.


this is m’deer. he’s a reindeer.
i love him to pieces
in fact he is falling to pieces i love him so much.
i bat him around and shake him and chew him


and after we play we take a nap.
greypawnow go see the other Feline Friday cats

and please vote

click on the picture and vote you can vote everyday

click on the picture and vote
you can vote everyday


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  1. Hi Teddy, Mollie here. I have a rabbit that plays with me. Sometimes I leave him on the stairs and people almost trip and fall. Oops! I made sure we voted again today!

    • hi mollie, sometimes m’deer gets in the way and mama stumbles. i don’t want her to get hurt but it is funny to see how clumsy she is. very uncat-like. thanks for voting!

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