one for the dogs


hi peoples!


this is Feline Friday and i have something important to tell you.
but it is about dogs  well mostly dogs.

you see mama adopted me from


 and this shelter is trying to win $100,000
to build a Dog Park.

they are among 15 semi-finalists!
they need you to vote for them everyday!


this placer is near and dear to my mama’s heart.
go to her blog Patricia’s Place to read why.

it’s pretty special to me too because that’s where mama and me met when i was just a baby.
i was a cutie, huh.

atpetsincanyway, it would be so nice if you would vote for Pet’s Inc.
they help cats, too!

greypawnow go see some cats at Feline Friday.


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  1. Who could resist the sweet invitation of a wonderful kitty like you Teddy, helping out your fellow man, err I mean dog! I’m headed over now to add my vote in your honor, and will continue to visit and vote! Your Mama sure found the purrfect forever friend the day that she came to take you home!

your comments are like treats. I love treats!

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