The Roles of Peoples and Cats


hi peoples!

catclean  this picture makes you people type of beings go awww but  i’m not sure this is a good example for kittens.  after all we as cats are to be served by the human species.  cats are not meant to labor and toil but to be catered to and spoiled.  my mama loves me and i love her–in my cat way– she serves me to the best of her ability and i in turn allow her to give me loves and scrubbles (that’s scratches and belly rubs for the uninitiated in catspeak).    it works out quite well for both of us, she’s happy–i’m happy–life is good.

now that you have had your awww here go see the other  Awww…Mondays  for your weeks worth of awww.


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  1. if only my cat Lucy would use her tail to help me dust! Every time I see your Teddy Cat photo I am amazed how identical our kitties are! Cheers and happy scrubbbles!

  2. I have often thought how helpful my cats could be if they did a little housework while I was away Teddy, but I do understand your point, it would not really be befitting of your role and station in the family, which is to be served and adored, in return for all the affection we receive from you. Come to think of it, that’s a pretty good trade! 🙂

    • cats are not on earth to help with housework we are here to help with happywork which does not include physical labor of any kind—for the cat. a pretty good trade as you have noted.

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