The House Monster Is Out Again


hi peoples!

IMAG0186    i am outside looking in.

       mama has the house monster out doing its work.


i am not afraid of the house monster.  well not a lot afraid but maybe a little afraid.
it is a noisy creature when it is let out of the closet.  and it eats up all the little tidbits i leave around for snacks and nibbles.

seems it is going to be a while before that thing gets back in its place.  what should i do?

                                                                                                                             oh this looks good


not as good as nip. but it does clean between my teeth pretty good.       


hey how long is this gonna take!



                    now go see the otherFeline Friday cats.                                                                                                


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  1. heh heh heh………my older cat used to just sit there like a rock and stare at the hoover as it did it’s rounds. He was very brave and adamant HE wasn’t leaving. The second he hears the spray of Mr.Sheen, my younger cat knows what’s coming and heads straight for the door.

    • i wonder what it is like not to be liked so adamantly…you would think the monster would get the message and learn to be quiet when working.

  2. It’s just not fair that monster gets to invade your space now and then Teddy. One of the furkids in our house tunnels under the quilt on the bed when the monster comes, she says if the monster can’t find her, she’s safe. I think she has her paws over her ears under there too! I hope that monster went back into the closet before very long so you could come back inside to some peace and quiet. It was 104 here today – much too hot to be outside wearing a furcoat! 🙂

    • 104 is hot…it was only about 90 here. i like to be on the balcony but when i want in i don’t want to wait. i think if the house monster is a pain in the tail area.

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