Busy as Cats in a Bag



Hi Peoples!

it’s been one of those weeks.
mama and me were busy as cats in a bag.

we planted flowers…and NIP!
we cut crafts for Ms Martha.

Andy, the plumber, came to replace the bad faucet with a good one.
that was very stressful…he does noisy work…i stayed under the bed.

laundry had to be done…i help sort and check the basket for socks.

there was dusting and the dreaded house monster, or as mama calls it the vacuum, was put to work.
floors were mopped…mops are always fun.

i can’t think of everything that we did.
it was exhausting.
thank goodness for comfy quilts and naps!


there are other busy and some not so busy cats. go see them at Feline Friday.  go on you will be glad you did.


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  1. TEDDY – the 3 of us run for cover when the house monster comes out – not that we don’t want to watch mama push and pull and sing and dance – but there are 3 others that live in the house – Most of the times we are all friends and sleep on mama’s bed together – but when the house monster comes out they turn into our protectors and attack the monster – mama can hardly get anything done because they attack and then retreat – and bark and howl – It is too noisy for the more refined (like me !) I have already picked out my sanctuary for today cuz I know it is house monster day –
    Your house seems so much quieter – maybe I will come for a visit –

    • it is usually pretty quiet around here so come on…but it may take me a while to come out to see you. i am a little shy. you have a house monster day? i never know when it is coming out of the closet…always have to be on guard.

  2. Hi Teddy, Mollie here. In our house when we get the windows real nice with nose prints, the humans go and wash them off. This weekend we will be putting back all the noseprints again! It is exhausting!

    • Mollie, what is it with peoples! i work hard to get the nose prints just right and mama comes and washes them away. good thing i am young and can keep at it.

  3. I’m glad you like to help Teddy, your name is so cute heheh! damn that vacuum cleaner :mrgreen:

    Have a teddytastic weekend 😉

    • i am glad you like my name…i was named after mama’s bear. yeah, house monsters be damned….don’t tell mama i said that she might hold back on the treats.

  4. Whew Teddy, I’d be tired if I got that much done here too! Any time you’d like to come help, I’d love to have you visit! My girls are good supervisors but they aren’t the best assistants. They don’t like that house monster any better than you do. I’m glad your mama got the plumbing fixed and the work done, now you can spend the weekend relaxing together! 🙂

    • Mama does keep me busy. everytime i get things the way they should be she comes around and rearranges stuff. we are going to plant some more flowers this week end so it will be great.

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