Uninvited bugs in the house


Hi Peoples,

it’s Feline Friday so i get to write on the ‘puter!


know what has my attention?
a  FLY.
it came in from outside by itself.
just flew in.
i want to catch it sooooo bad!
but it only flies just so close then it buzzes off.
if i got that fly i would teach it a thing or 2 about coming into the house.
Mama says NO bugs in the house and here this fly just came in uninvited.


ps. you can see other cat posts for Feline Friday here.


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  1. Catching flies is like dancing, Teddy, I bet you do all kinds of leaps and spins and bouncing off walls, just like my cats do! Every fall we have about a week of fly infestation out here in the country, then it’s party time at cat central as my cats seem to have a contest of who can catch and devour the most. They love it! Me, I’m with your Mama, bugs are nasty and flies leave dirty specks all over everything! Good that you are her best exterminator and get those pesky bugs quick!

    • i have a problem catching flies. mama says its because i am bottom heavy. whatever that means. but if they crawl i am the terminato.r after i play with the crawler for a while, of course..

  2. Well what a naughty fly I do hope you catch it although you do look cute in that photo love the pose

    Have a flytastic weekend 🙂

    • don’t you know it! personally i like em in the house but mama bout has a dog when there is one in here so i have to take care of it.

  3. Awww, that is exactly what our little bit does. She doesn’t like flies either. Too cute.

    You did a great job using the puter.

    Have a terrific Feline Friday.

    • flies would be fun if they would crawl around once in a while. i love the puter. i would practice more but when mama is here she is usually on it and when she leaves she turns it off and closes it up. i have to be fast.

  4. You go , Teddy! One of our kitties doesn’t kill the bugs, but at least he finds them for us and watches them, so we know they are there! 🙂

    • i play with the palmetto bugs…i bring them in off the balcony. i think your boy is doing you a great service pointing them out to you. do you kill them? that’s what Mama does. what a spoil sport!

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