Finally my turn on the puter!





Hi Peoples!

it sure is good to have a chance at the computer.  Mama has been doggin it all the time lately.  something to do with the alphabet.

but i am here now and want to tell you about a new taste treat i had.  a friend of Mama gave her some flowers.  they were very pretty yellow things.  i didn’t like the flower much but the water they were in was great.


of course Mama didn’t want me to drink it. something about knocking the vase over and spilling water all over.  silly. i would have lapped that good tasting water right up!

  i hope you are having a wonderful april.  it is so nice here i am spending most of the    time on the balcony.  except when Mama goes to work then i have to stay in and do my work taking care of the condo.

i do a pretty good job even if Mama thinks differently.  she has no taste in decorating the place.

see you next time Mama goes off somewhere and leaves the computer on.


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