The story of my adoption



Hi Peoples!

i was thinking the other day about my Mama.  she is the only mama i know.
i don’t remember my cat mama and my first people mama decided she didn’t want me.
let me tell you that story.

a man found me–that’s another story i will tell someday–and took me to the shelter.
it is a nice shelter with nice peoples who take care of animals without homes.
but nobody really wants to live their whole life in a shelter we all hope for forever homes.

after i was in the shelter for awhile a lady people came and adopted me as a present for her daughter.
this daughter people was little.  nothing wrong with being little–i was pretty little myself–but this little people was scary.
i was very shy and when i went to their house i would hide places.
the little girl people wanted to hold me and squeeze me and she would chase me and drag me outta my safe place.
she was screechy,too, very loud.
with all the loud and fast moving and rough handling i was very unhappy.

long story made short.
the lady people took me back to the shelter and told them i was too shy and needed to be socialized.
(i’m still shy but can be social once i get to know new peoples.)
so there i was in a cage again.  but it was okay cause at least i felt pretty safe.
then after a couple of weeks this other lady and her friends came to find her a kitty.
you see she  had 2 cats that died about a year apart–1 was 16 and the other was 19–i will tell you about them someday.
this lady was so sad without a catkid–she decided she just had to have another.

as soon as she saw me she knew i was the one!  and there were a lot of cats to choose from.
i wasn’t so sure bout leaving my safe cage though.
but she persisted and filled out papers and promised to take care of me
just like the other lady–but mama really meant it.

atpetsincthis is me the day mama adopted me.
i was in my cage and not at all sure i wanted to leave it.
mama had to pull me out of the cage!
silly me!
it was the best thing that ever happened to me—really.
she loves me so much.

i’ve been with Mama ever since.
i did have a scare when she took me back to the shelter and left me there.
i thought she wasn’t coming back. but she did later that day.
i’m not sure why i was there but it had something to do with surgery.
mama says i don’t need what they surgeryed anyway
and since i don’t miss whatever it was that was surgeryed  i guess she is right.

so that’s my story. i have a forever home and a for always mama.

now if you will excuse me it’s time for my nap.

oh, listen, if you need a kitty go to a shelter and get one.
you won’t be sorry.
unless maybe you have a brat–umm– young child that needs some training in pet love.
then you should wait until the kid learns how to behave.
just a thought.



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  1. I love the happy ending of this “tail”, Teddy! It is purrfect for “Prevention of Cruelty to Animals” month. Every potential adoptive parent should have to read this first! Children must be taught to respect your needs and wishes, and to treat you gently at all times!

  2. Dearest Teddy…I am sitting here in a heap of tears, your story moved me so. The reason you were brought back to the shelter was that you were meant to be with your true mama who was just a little late in getting there. There must have been some traffic on the road. I’m so happy that you’re so happy. You will forever be the poster kitty for all those safe in their cages who are afraid to come out. They’ll hear your tail and know, it’s okay to take a chance on a peoples.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    • I hope kitties will let good peoples love them. it is hard though when there has been trauma in the past. i think people have the same problem with the trust thing. when are you getting a catkid? there is one waiting for you.

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