Salad bars are for eating



Hi Peoples!

 Mama says i am in the dog house.
we don’t have a dog so we don’t have a house for one.  so tell me how can i be in it?
all i know is that Mama is not happy.

it’ is all because of our flowers.  oh, excuse me! her flowers.  

remember when we planted these?


 i thought they were delicious!


Mama says we  i am not supposed to eat them.  she doesn’t eat flowers.  her loss.
so she took out the ones that i left for later–i like the flowers best so i like to wait for them to bloom and get tasty.
she planted some new ones–very pretty they are.


i just don’t get it. salad bars are for eating.  so why would Mama plant a salad bar if not for me to eat it?




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  1. Really Teddy you know what to do. Go sidle up to Mama to let her know that you will not eat her flowers again. Then look at her with those lovely big eyes and jump onto her lap. She’ll be won over in no time at all. And Teddy, we know that you are really a good cat and don’t set out to upset Mama – she knows it too!

  2. You know Teddy, you are the most rational cat I know. Of course you can’t be put in the dog house if there’s not one available. If you see your mother online pricing them, disconnect the computer. She’ll be so confused at what happened she’ll forget all about a second house.

    About that salad bar. In all fairness, it did look an awful lot like lettuce. If you want, I’ll be happy to represent you at no fee if it comes to that. In the meantime until this matter is cleared up, snack on something else. Your friend, Susannah

    • i know how to unplug the computer but don’t know how to plug it in again. that may be a problem if i want to write something.

      thank you for the offer of representation. i may need you because i keep forgetting about the stuff in the bathroom. you know, don’t play with the paper, don’t take things out of the wastebasket, don’t pull the flowers off the wreath..and the list goes on…meowsers so many pesky rules.

  3. uh oh, Teddy .. .afraid you went too far this time! Good thing your momma loves you even more than her beautiful flowers! Do they really taste good? They don’t make you sick? Maybe momma can get some hanging baskets, so they don’t tempt you so much! Now, go apologize and look cute . ..

    • Mama doesn’t have bad flowers…only safe ones. and yes they do taste so good. not sure i would like hanging baskets they would still be a temptation. i can jump pretty high but maybe not high enough…

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