Forgiveness is part of love



IMAG0168                                                   hi Peoples,

just waiting around in the kitchen.

Mama has something in the oven and it smells pretty interesting.


it’s salmon! 


hey Mama!
i think it’s ready.  i’ve been a good boy.
what?  i’m not supposed to be on the counter?
well, i guess i forgot.


Mama doesn’t ever stay mad at me.
she knows forgiveness is part of love.
she loves me lots.



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  1. Oh Teddy, your writing is really getting good. That counter business, well, when I had Missy, Margie and Inky, they were always on the counter even though I’d yell. Now I wish I could turn around and them all there, lined up licking their chops. Loved them all so much and yes, forgiveness is part of the love deal.

    • i was so surprised–i keep forgetting that i am to get off the counter before Mama sees me. no wait i mean– stay off the counter. yeah stay off the counter.

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