The rain is hard–it’s weird!


Photo399Hi Peoples!

meeeoooow it has been one of those days.  it is all dark and gray outside with wind and strange rain.
it is not like any rain i have been in before.  it is hard not soft. weird. Mama says it is called sleet.
i call it nasty hard rain.

 since it is not nice outside on the balcony i don’t want to be out there. i don’t care if there are pigeons out there.
if those stupid birds don’t have enough sense in their pigeon brains to go home too bad.
i’m staying inside on the afghan.

Photo397it feels so good to be lazy.  i am not usually lazy i have a very busy life.  but  i don’t even want to play fetch.
well we played for a little bit but i wasn’t really into it if you know what i mean.


you will have to excuse me now i feel a stretch and a catnap coming on.



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  1. You have a good nap, Teddy . .. maybe it will be a better balcony day tomorrow! 🙂 And, if it’s not too personal . .how much do you weigh. You look like a big kitty!

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