Cricks and Cranks and Achy Backs


teddyposehi peoples!

Mama has a achy back.  she is more than a little cranky.
she says it is my fault.


what a ridiculous thought!
all i was doing was looking really cute, like i am, you know,
and she bent down to give me a scratch and she got a crick in her back.
a crick in the back is different than a creek in the back. 
totally different things.

anyway, back to the crick in Mama’s back.  now she looks like this

stoopand a little cranky, really cranky to be honest.
she is taking a bath in epsom salts and then is going to bed.
good thing, too, she needs a time out.
pouti hope the bath and sleep gets rid of the crick and the crank by morning.
she has to be able to bend to get my breakfast out of the cupboard.



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  1. You know Teddy, there’s something you should know about women. We’re moody, however, it’s also one of the many reasons why we’re such fascinating creatures. And I’ll tell you something else…we never ever forget to feed our pussy cats…we’d crawl to that cupboard if need be…do you hear that Teddy…crawl….now go get a cool cloth for your mamma’s head and meow her a little lullaby…can you do that please?.

  2. Ahhh yes, when it comes to feeding time there can be no excuses, Teddy. We all know that cats have built in alarm clocks for meals! I hope your mama is feeling much better in the morning, some days I look like that when I walk too, and it doesn’t feel very great.

    • she is still shorter than the day before but not groaning so much. breakfast was little late but i had leftovers in my dish so i survived.

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