playing with creepy crawlers



Hi Peoples!

you know i play fetch the ball with Mama a lot.  and i mean a lot.  she just cant get enough of throwing that ball.  she throws it and i go get it and bring it back to her and she throws it again.  we do this over and over.  but sometimes i like to play by myself.

one of my favorite things is to go out on the balcony at night and wait for a big ole roach to crawl by.  i watch for a while then i pounce!  sometimes they get away and crawl off the balcony and i lose the game.  but sometimes it get them and bring them into the condo.  for some reason Mama doesnt like this.  when she sees one of those fun roaches she freaks and takes them away from me and she kills them!  what a spoil sport.  maybe she doesnt understand the fact that sometimes i need a break and time to play something other than fetch. i dont know but whatever!  she certainly doesnt appreciate a good game of creepy crawlers.

in case you dont have nice big juicy palmetto bugs where you live–and i am sorry if you dont–heres a picture of one


isnt he a beauty!

i hope your Mama lets you play creepy crawlers.



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  1. Chloe would surely agree with you Teddy, catching live things is so much more fun, and yet no one seems to appreciate these gifts when you bring them indoors to share. My furkids also love trying to capture that red laser light bug, and have been known to leap high onto the wall in pursuit, but somehow that thing is so fast and tricky that we’ve never managed to capture one yet, even when Chloe extends her big polydactyl paws and tries to flatten it! Does your Mama have a laser light, Teddy? We know where Dad keeps ours and as soon as he puts his hand in the box by the sofa and brings out that magic wand thing, we are on alert and looking around for where he let that dot escape to! Mom says it’s good exercise for us, but we think it’s just great fun!

    • peoples just dont understand about the hunt and what fun it is. we dont have a laser light thing but i am hoping Mama gets one someday. i do have a feather on a stick that is great fun and of course playing get the ball is super fun.

  2. You know Teddy, I wish your mom would come over here and kill and few. You see I can’t kill anything which as you can well imagine, creates a few problems since they make me fear for my life. As far as your ball playing goes, you might be heading for a career in the minors. I bet you’d look real cute in pinstripes. In any event, have fun with your bugs. At least you’re not drinking or doing drugs or knocking over convenience stores. Tell your mom I said that.

  3. Oh Teddy, you make me laugh! We had a kitty in the neighborhood that would climb up in trees and catch cicadas. . .they are big and make a lot of noise. I think he couldn’t resist. You can probably understand that. haha!

    • Mama says we have cicadas here and in summer sometimes they come on the balcony—i can hardly wait! they wont scare me will they? you know being noisy and all.

  4. Hi Teddy, Mollie here. We eat bugs, too. They are a real treat. Not as good as catnip but still pretty fun. The trick is to not let your Mama see it. Put it under the sofa and play with it when she goes someplace. That would be fun!

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