go see my friend, Susannah




hi peoples!

listen up! go see Susannah she has a great post about how important we cats are as part of the family.

some people get rid of us because some people think they are better than we are.  well, scratch that!

my Mama has made it very clear that i am a permanent member of her family. i am her catkid after all.

anyway, go see my friend, Susannah.  go on now.



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  1. Dearest Teddy… I want to thank you so much for saying such nice things about me and for introducing me to Kate. Nice to meet new friends. And yes, cats are like children and you wouldn’t get rid of them. I was very happy at the response Love Me Move My Cat received. There are so many animal lovers out there and we will prevail. So happy you’re writing…Teddy Roosevelt was a big writer too…did you know that? I think of him when I think of you…he was my favorite president and loved cats.

  2. Oooh Teddy… that afghan is clearly your color… it shows off your magificent coat! Headed over to check out your friend Susannah now, you are so right that furkids are forever family members!

    • Ms Josie, Mama made the afghan before she met me but there must have been some Big Cat that knew we would be family and had her make it in this yarn. I think you will like Susannah she is an animal lover, she even likes –dogs and thats ok cause so does Mama.

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