hi its me Teddy!



hi peoples!

its me TeddyCat.  thats my whole name but you can just call me Teddy.

this is my first ever time 2 write on my very own blog.  usually if i have something to say i tell Mama and she puts it on her blog but now i have my own place.  and i am learning to type.  it’s hard because i dont have fingers just toes.  so as you can see i have a problem with capitals so i will not use them 2 often. and i might have a few mistakes they r called typos please excuse them i will do my best.

i prolly wont write  a whole lot. it is really hard.  english is a tough language.   theres even something called punctuation. i pretty much got the hang of the dots but the rest is  just english to me. catspeak is much easier for me but very hard for peoples so i will keep 2 english.  i dont think there is a catspeak english dictionary so i will do what i can to keep it simple.

thats all for now. i just wanted 2 say hi 

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and remember if you have nip be responsible and dont drive!



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  1. Hi Teddy! I’m glad you got your own blog space – I subscribed so I can keep in touch. Actually, I think it would be much easier not to worry about capitals, too.

    Guess what? I got a kitty cat now. She’s a her and she’s been here a little over a week and is starting to feel at home. She’s still not sure about Louis yet, but I think they will be almost friends before too long.

    • wonerful you have a girlcat! whats her name and how old is she? i remember it took awhile to feel safe when Mama brought me here–and there are no dogs here–but now it is my home–but i still let Mama think she owns the place.

      • She is one year old and the lady who gave her to me called her “Mama”. I don’t like that much, but I haven’t thought of another name. I thought once of Callie, but I keep calling her Kitty. I can’t seem to stop calling her that. Maybe I need to know her a little better to find out what her real name is.

        • i like Kitty…or you could call her KittyCal. i hope i get to see a picture of her one day on your blog. we could be paw pals.

  2. What a delightful new beginning for the new year! Teddy you and your mom made me smile big today! We’ll be following you from this house too! Josie, Sophie, Chloe, Tiggie & Gracie XOXO

    • oh Mollie. it was hard 2 get Mama 2 let me do this on my own. she is a puter hog. but when i look pitiful she lets me use it. is it your picture on your moms blog? so beautiful my heart purrs to. think about it

      • Yes, that’s me right now. Hazel used to be on it (she hogs everything) but I pulled seniority and looked adorable (that always works). Thanks! Purrs to you too. You look just like a kitty my mom rescued but someone adopted him.

  3. welcome teddycat. i’m glad u came out before 2012 ends. englis no good eh I will learn catspeak from lucycat and mauricecat. I am the slave to their commandocat. so long 4now.

    • Yes, Celia and Apple are our cats! Celia is little , a one-eyed blind Siamese mix kitty from the shelter. But so sweet. And Apple is a near 20 lb. super hairy Ragdoll that we re-homed for someone this year. They were too allergic to him. He is sweet too!

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